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Yellow Diaper Bags

When it comes to picking the color of diaper bag, Yellow makes a wonderful choice.  Since it is the color of the sun, you be giving off an aura of happiness and delight as a proud parent. Yellow diaper bags may also appeal to the father as well, since yellow is certainly a lot more [...]

White Diaper Bags

White is one of the most wonderful colors for diaper bags or handbags.  The beauty of it is that white matches with every single outfit, making bags of this color useful in any situation.  If you are looking to buy just one diaper bag, white would be the perfect choice. But one of the challenges [...]

Red Diaper Bags

Red.  The color of passion, of love and of one hot mama   Okay, I’ll admit that red is certainly one of my favorite colors and I actually own a red diaper bag.  I love the fact that red is gender neutral and can be the perfect choice whether you have a girl or a [...]

Blue Diaper Bags

Blue is the color of the sky, of sapphires, and can make the perfect color for a diaper bag.  Sure, it won’t necessarily match any outfit, but most blue diaper bags will put a smile on your face. Blue is also a good choice if you have a boy, and should serve as a signal [...]

Black Diaper Bags

Black diaper bags are the perfect match with any outfit, since black matches with anything.  It is also one of the better choices since your baby’s father won’t feel embarrassed carrying around a black handbag. But you should also know that black diaper bags get dirtier quicker much like a car.  So make sure if [...]